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Magazine pouches and ammo pouches

cod. 4116-6011

The cal. 40 grenade and/or gas mask case is made of resistant unlined Cordura Nylon and comprises a large pocket for the mask complete with filter and a small front pocket. The main pocket is fastened by a robust zip with two tabs while for quick access to the grenades, there is a second top opening on the cap  protected by a small flap fixed with Velcro.
The case can be used in three ways:
1. On the thigh with extension linking to the duty belt, height adjustable and easily disconnected with a polymer buckle. With two webbed thigh connection strips, which can also be opened with polymer fast unhook buckles. These can come off completely for use on the belt.

2. Directly on the duty belt with two loops with Velcro webbing for use without thigh extension or the thigh connection strips.

3. Over the shoulder, with a shoulder strap (extra, not provided).

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