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High performance engineered holster and hunting accessories
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Custom solutions to SATISFY THE NEEDS of police forces and special military forces worldwide.

 50 anni di esperienza nella progettazione e nello sviluppo di fondine eccellenti
Our work group is specialized in supplying holsters and accessories for police forces, military forces, special forces and security agencies worldwide. We are able to conceive, design, and produce customized products by making specific modifications to our standard catalogue products or by creating completely new ones. Detail, form, customized technical applications, color, and quantity are adapted in each case to fit the specific requests of our customers, ensuring the maximum in quality standards guaranteed by the Radar 1957 trademark.  
Thigh holster requested by
a division of the Malaysian Special Forces
forze speciali Malesia

Customer request:
Object: pistol with an extremely specialized configuration,
equipped with light/laser/IR module and silencer.

Wearability: thigh

Specs requested:
- shock resistance
- keep shape over time
- easy single hand extraction
- stability in chosen position
- anti-extraction security by non-wearer
- protection of weapon details/finish
- use with or without light/laser
- customized color
- rapid removal of holster from belt or thigh

Radar 1957 Solution:
Being as the request was for a limited quantity (about 300 pieces), we opted to utilize thermoforming in Kydex ® sheets, with the application of a new high-performance lining for fluidity of weapon extraction and impermeability to water and solvents. For the creation of the thermoforming mold a 3D scan of the pistol with all of its accessories attached was carried out. Volumes were then modified through 3D engineering programs to obtain the desired functionality. For the color we worked directly with our Kydex ® supplier create a customized color to specifically satisfy the customer request. Our supplier also produced special anti-slip bands for belt connection to the color “coyote brown”. For the safety system we utilized our well-tested “LL Lock - Loop” n the same color. Through these methods we were able to quickly and effectively satisfy the specific needs of our customer and its SWAT TEAM, equipping them with a high-performance and completely satisfying custom made product.

Portable multilink
Anti-slip materials “LL Lock Loop” innovative
unlatching system
For Sig 2022 pistol
with light/laser/IR module and silencer

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