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High performance engineered holster and hunting accessories
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Quality and flexibility are the values that drive our production process.

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Radar 1957 is able to satisfy every type of customer request with a high degree of product quality and reliability, and with absolute respect for production timelines and deadlines. Thanks to differentiation in our production process and our know-how and experience in diverse production methods, Radar 1957 can select the ideal technique for the creation of each individual product. This allows us to offer a high degree of flexibility and quick response time for both small- and industrial-scale production

Our production process:

Injection molding guarantees quality and precision in large-scale production.
This industrial-scale production technique is used in the production of a high number of pieces. It guarantees extremely precise dimensional accuracy and unparalleled performance. Through this process we are able to improve every minute detail of our products, such as differences in thickness, molded screws, rounded edges and corners, etc. Injection molding also allows us to choose the best-adapted materials to meet the performance requirements of our customers. These materials include nylon 6-6, fireproof PVC, polycarbonate, carbon polymer granules, etc.


Thermoforming offers flexibility and performance for small- and medium-scale production. Through this production method we are able to offer greater production flexibility, guaranteeing the excellent performance and customization of our product range. This technique allows us to use of materials such as Kydex ® - ABS, carbon fiber laminate, and Kevlar. Products can be customized with added details such as an external leather look, waterproof protective external covering, and laser incision, while remaining within the requested performance guidelines.


Through traditional modes of production we seek the perfection typical of products marked “Made in Italy”. Still today a fundamental part of our production is done internally by the experienced hands of our master leatherworkers, who work with the care and perfection typical of the Made in Italy label. It is here that our long history and knowledge in the leather working industry shows its true value. Our years of experience and first-hand knowledge of the material allow us to select the only finest hides directly at their source. We specifically choose the breed and type cattle to be used in our creations. This means that based on the product request we select the best-adapted material, including bull, cattle, or cow hide, as well as crocodile, python, ostrich, lizard, etc.


Care and attention are paramount in every phase of production to guarantee the highest performance for Radar 1957 products.
From simplest holster to those with the most technologically advanced retention systems, our holsters are assembled following rigorous construction processes. During every phase of the process, from the testing of individual components to the final overall test, a series of careful technical checks and controls are undertaken to guarantee the highest performance under the most extreme conditions.


Att ention to detail is what distinguishes Radar 1957 products.
Every Radar 1957 product is carefully inspected at the end of the production process to identify and eliminate any imperceptible traces left behind by the production method used, and are then polished and treated on the basis of the material in which the product has been created. Our constant search for perfection in production is the passion that distinguishes our entire line from all others.


A well-oiled, well-controlled production chain.
Every Radar 1957 product must undergo and pass a series of strict controls during each phase of the production process as stated in the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification. Products that pass inspection and qualify for certification during the inspection process are stored in their own specific warehousing areas. This guarantees our customers quick response for standard and mainstream products. Beginning with the choice and traceability of raw materials and following the production chain all the way to the inspection of the final product, we put products on the market that completely satisfy all of the requirements that were laid out during the design phase.

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