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Cod. 6657

6657 Safe+Index&Thumb is a professional duty holster for both special and routine service. Featuring a compact and light design this holster has three types of safety systems. The innovative primary safety device L.E.P. system (Locking on the Eject Port), automatically acts on the weapon bullet eject port when re-holstering the gun, protecting it from loss and from being drawn by others. The secondary safety device R.L.L. (Rotating Locking Lid) is assured by a rotating hood which covers the top part of the holster, closing the exit direction of the pistol, when it is activated it closes the exit of the holster. The Holster is equipped with an additional safety device composed by a retention screw in the lower part of the holster. This screw can be used to adjust movement of the gun inside the holster during its lifetime and in different weather conditions, it works directly on the pistol trigger guard. The movement to draw the pistol is natural and both release buttons can be operated at the same time. One with the index finger and the second with the thumb. No strange movements of the hand are needed and the grip of the pistol is always in perfect placing.
When the two security devices are open, the gun can be re-holstered with one hand only and without the need to look at the holster, as the weight of the gun automatically activates the primary safety system. The position and the ergonomic shape of the primary security release button makes the holster easy to be used by people with small hands and/or people wearing gloves.During the drawing movement the index finger is kept in the correct and safe position.
The body of the holster is made by injection of High Performance Polymer, based on Nylon 6.6 granules. The shaping guarantees a perfect fit for the gun, protecting the sights from shock and abrasion, and allows easy drawing even in adverse conditions (on the ground, under body pressure, etc). On the back of the holster’s body there are three top brand female screws allowing various types of belt attachment of the multilink II system and RDC system.
Safety levels:
- Retention level 3
Automatic safety devices:
L.E.P. Locking on the Eject Port   R.L.L. Rotating Rocking Lid        
- Universal
- Dx o Sx
Wearability system:
Construction Solution:
(customizable WHITE, SAND, MIMETIC)
nero bianco sabbia mimetico
Armi Supportate
Holster model Brand Gun
6657-5526 GLOCK 17-22
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