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DIVISION - Duty and Professionals
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Cod. 6407

6407 Roto-plus is a professional duty holster in polyform, ideal for visible carrying in uniform, with 3 retention levels. The patented FR3 ll – lock loop Automatic Safety System combines to retention levels into a single locking device made up of a rotating strap and a swinging safety that allows the weapon to be freed, released and drawn in a single rapid motion. The third is the STR SySTem Safety Device, made up of a retaining screw that stops internal movement of the weapon, acting directly on the slide.

The number of retention levels can be raised to 4 with the optional Roto guard Safety Device, a protective shield against bumps or extraction attempts that can be paired to the Rotoloop-S, ll look loop and Rotolock systems. The body can be paired with the multilink wearability system,
a fastening centre distance between three screws used to adapt holster wearability to any operational requirements.
Safety levels:
• Livello di ritenzione 3
• Upgrade a livello 4 con Roto Guard
Automatic safety systems:
R.D.C. Rotating Disc Connection    
• Da cinturone visibile su divisa
• Dx o sx
Wearability system:
• Interasse Multilink System
Safety devices:
• Str system
• Roto Guard (opzionale)
Construction solution:
• Polyform – Tecno look – nero
Available Holster
Holster model Gun
6407/2406 BERETTA (98)
6407/240B BERETTA (98 CON LUCE M3/M3X)
6407/2506 BERETTA (PX4)
6407/4106 BROWNING (HP)
6407/4306 WALTHER (P99)
6407/5216 BERETTA (9000)
6407/5316 BERETTA (COUGAR 8000)
6407/5346 H&K (USP COMPACT)
6407/5366 H&K (P2000)
6407/5376 SIG (2022)
6407/537B SIG SAUER (2022 + LUCE M3/M3X)
6407/5386 SIG SAUER P225
6407/540B SIG (229 + LUCE M3/M3X)
6407/5416 H&K (USP P30)
6407/5426 SIG (226)
6407/542R SIG (226 + RAIL)
6407/5456 SIG (P250 CAL.9)
6407/5476 SIG (P250 CAL.40)
6407/5526 GLOCK (17)
6407/552A SIG (226 + LUCE M6X)
6407/552B GLOCK (17 CON LUCE M3/M3X)
6407/552F GLOCK (17 CON LUCE GTL21)
6407/5716 H&K (USP STANDARD)
6407/5946 SMITH & WESSON (MP9)
6407-542B SIG 226 + M3
6407-542G SIG 226 + LUCE X300
6407-542P SIG 226 + STL 900 L
6407-537D SIG SAUER 2022 + TRL2
6407-537N SIG SAUER 2022 + TRL1
6407-552A GLOCK 17 + M6X
6407-552G GLOCK 17 + X300
6407-552D GLOCK 17 + TLR2
6407-552N GLOCK 17 + TRL1
6407-552V GLOCK 17 + APL
6407-546B H&K P30L + M3
6407-541D H&K P30 + TLR2
6407-541B H&K P30 + M3/M3X
6407-534H H&K USP COMPACT + TLR2
6407-245G BERETTA 90TWO + X300
6407-720G Taurus PT24/7 + X300
6407-720D TAURUS PT 24/7 + TLR2
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