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Hunting Division

Waking at dawn to begin another day in contact with nature. Packing a rifle in a case that smells of leather, putting on the cartridge belt carefully tightening the sturdy brass fastenings, and once again setting out with the same accessories you have used for years: important, decisive, balanced gestures that reflect your deep passion for a noble, ancient tradition handed down through the centuries.
Radar’s Piuma line is dedicated to those needing robust materials, produced in soft, resistant leather, along with a set of top quality accessories with traditional style details, to set out again for a day’s hunting with the same enthusiasm as that very first time.
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Catalogo Caccia Inside you'll find:

- RADAR Know How
- RADAR Innovation zone
- RADAR Parure
- Shotgun cases

- Rifle cases
- Tactical cases

- Shotgun cartridge belts
- Rifle cartridge belts
- Slings
- Bags and backpaks
- Shotgun harnesses
- Rifle harnesses
- Accessories
- Ballistic eyewear
- Hunting gloves

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