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Security and reliability in all conditions

Performance (safety, practicality of use, robustness and comfort) of the 1957 Radar holsters and products are truly superior because they are designed manufactured and tested to thinking more extreme conditions of use. Aware of the fact that in such situations, appropriate equipment and a fully functional, may depend on the life or health of those who use, manufacture our products in order to ensure a perfect performance in the most difficult operating conditions and under stress.

"Inspired by extreme" and an operating philosophy which provides a comprehensive rethinking of the role of the holster and then of its functions. A re-engineering project that involves the entire production chain from Radar3 Cube - Radar Research Resources - up to collaboration with external security professionals around the world.

For this reason the Radar 1957 holsters are made with only high quality raw materials, adopt the most advanced manufacturing solutions, the best technical solutions, and marketing are first subjected to severe tests of endurance.

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