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Cod. 5152

5152 Police 2D is a professional duty and tactical holster in Multilayer, ideal for belt carrying in medium-low position with “2D” swivel loop which allows the holster to rotate as the user desires, making it compatible for drawing even with bullet-proof vests.
It has 2 retention levels, the HD Thumb Break Safety Device, a release lever which is sensitised, rigid and wear resistant to open the holster in a natural and safe way. The second is the THUMB LOCK device that allows the weapon to be drawn quickly, preventing involuntary opening of the holster. It also has the HS Rail and GC Snap devices. The body is paired with the Multilink wearability system, a fastening centre distance between three screws used to attach the same holster onto any support.
Safety levels:
• 2 Retention levels
• On a belt
• Medium-low position
• Changeable inclination
• Right-hand or left-hand
Wearability systems:
• Multilink 2 System
Safety Devices:
• HD Thumb Breack
• Thumb Lock
• HS Rail
• GC Snap
Construction Solution:
Multilayer - blue
Armi Supportate
Holster model Brand Gun
5152/1001 BERETTA 92, 92S, 92FS, 98F, 96, Centurion, 98 FS
5152/1001 TAURUS PT 92, PT 99, PT 100, PT 101
5152/1001 TANFOGLIO FORCE 99, ULTRA 41, T95, GT 21
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