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Cod. 6403 WL

6403 WL is a professional tactical and duty holster in Polyform, ideal for visible carrying in uniform or on a duty belt with a double layer of Velcro semi-rigid web belt. It is also suitable for weapons with light/laser devices. It has 2 retention levels. The first is the Rotolock Automatic Safety Device, an external, automatic closing weapon protection strap. Opening is achieved with a simple combined pressing and rotating motion. The second is the STR SYSTEM Safety Device, made up of a retaining screw that stops internal movement of the weapon, acting directly on the slide. It has a thigh kit in rigid polymer that can be paired with the Multilink wearability system, a fastening centre distance between three screws that allows the loops to be changed, adapting holster wearability to any operational requirements.
The paired ONE-ONE hip support (6500-0756) in “H-Shaped” Polyform does not come into contact with the hip and ensures excellent inclination.
Hip attachment by means of an elastic and anti-slip rubber web strap with quick release polymer buckle. Thanks to the eyelets and the holes on the panel it can be integrated with accessories like magazine pouches, spray pouches, etc.
• 2 Retention levels
• Rotolock
• STR system
• Cosciale
• Dx o sx
• Multilink system
• One-one thigh suspender
• Polyform – Tecno look - black
Armi Supportate
Holster model Brand Gun
6416/240B* BERETTA 98 CON LUCE M3/M3X
6416/537B* SIG SAUER 2022 + LUCE M3/M3X
6416/540B* SIG 229 + LUCE M3/M3X
6416/552A* SIG 226 + LUCE M6X
6416/552B* GLOCK 17 CON LUCE M3/M3X
6416/552F* GLOCK 17 CON LUCE GTL21
6416-542B SIG 226 + M3
6416-542G SIG 226 + LUCE X300
6416-542P SIG 226 + STL 900 L
6416-537D SIG SAUER 2022 + TRL2
6416-537N SIG SAUER 2022 + TRL1
6416-552A GLOCK 17 + M6X
6416-552G GLOCK 17 + X300
6416-552D GLOCK 17 + TLR2
6416-552N GLOCK 17 + TRL1
6416-552V GLOCK 17 + APL
6416-546B H&K P30L + M3
6416-541D H&K P30 + TLR2
6416-541B H&K P30 + M3/M3X
6416-534H H&K USP COMPACT + TLR2
6416-245G BERETTA 90TWO + X300
6416-720G TAURUT PT24/7 + X300
6416-720D TAURUS PT 24/7 + TLR2
* Item available on demand. Please contact Radar's sales department for further details.
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