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Tactical Holsters

cod. 6661 Safe&Fast Index Holster

6657 Safe&Fast Index is a professional duty holster for both special and routine service. Featuring a compact and light design, the new S&F Index is equipped with the innovative L.E.P - Locking on the Eject Port System (patented) weapon retention system: the automatic retention system that, thanks to the exclusive internal locking device, guarantees the best safety performances for quick release, fast draw, easy re-holstering and contemporary safe weapon replacement.

For a natural draw owing to the position of the safety lock opening lever, but also for small hands and when wearing gloves, and easy to reach due to the external position, even when wearing bulky clothing.

Made of injected Polyform, a latest generation technopolymer that is undeformable and indestructible under even the most extreme and traumatic stress, it has walls of different thicknesses to strengthen the most vital and stress-prone parts.

The holster is designed according to the exact dimensions of the pistol that it will contain and completely protects the barrel and view-finding organs. The 6657 Safe&Fast Index holster body can be associated with the various types of loops and supports in the Multilink II and RDC fastening systems, which have three screws at 120° intervals to connect with the belt loops in order to adapt wearability depending on the operating requirements: duty, concealment or tactical.


• 3 Retention levels
• L.E.P - Locking on the Eject Port System   RLL Rotating Locking Lid      
• Multilink ii system interaxis
• Rdc system
• Universal
• Right-hand or left-hand
• Techno look polyform – black (customizable in white, sand, camouflage)
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OTHER COLORS (Available on demand.Please contact Radar's Sales Department for further details)
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Available Holsters
Holster model Brand Gun
6657-5526 GLOCK 17-22
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