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The excellence of Radar 1957products are launched on the market through the new multi-subject campaign "Inspired by extreme".

The new Radar 1957 campaign is the result of a communication strategy aimed to embark on a unique trip compared to previous ones, creating a multi-subject campaign directed  to several targets – law enforcement,  military and security agents – accustomed to intervene in different operational  environments, each time using  the most suitable equipment.


While presenting elements of breach with the past, the new campaign retains a deep connection with the company's philosophy, outlined simply and unmistakably from the payoff, "Inspired by Extreme". Ensuring the safety of those who work in high risk environments, designing high-performance products that give the best of themselves in extreme situations: This is the assumption that the campaign is inspired by and that has always guided by Radar 1957


To enhance the role of the holster, while facilitating the identification in the scene, we decided to work on the visual setting with constant lookout for things like choice of the cut and image processing.
The focus is directed  on the products in the foreground leaving barely hinted the user and the surrounding environment in the background,. The photograph has the task of countering the dark atmospheres with decisive strokes of light directed on the products, in order to emphasize the imposing scene. The multi-subject difference was obtained by varying the type of product, the setting stage and the characteristics of the user.


The holster is in close up, therefore, an essential element that follows the operator in each mission taking on the role of a true extension of the physical human body, something more than a mere object.
The advantages shown in the three facets of the campaign all refer to a common concept, that of "attitude". Each holster is assigned a specific innate quality, a "natural tendency", directed from time to time to reactivity, to combat or to protect, depending on the operational category  it belongs to.

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